Tuesday, December 1, 2009


How do you know you have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)?  You do stuff like this...

I have this awesome supply bucket.  I love school/office supplies.  I also love things to organize my supplies.  I ordered this bucket when I taught 5th grade.  I used it to keep supplies handy on my overhead projector cart.  This bucket is usually well organized and I can find things easily.  Not lately though.

This year my two older boys come to my classroom before and after school each day.  Zac is in kindergarten.  He's an artist.  He loves to get into my stuff.  He has his own stuff - it's not good enough.  He needs my stuff.  So, my bucket is not well organized lately.

This morning I needed a certain Sharpie to make a congratulatory sign for 4 of my keyboarding students.   (they had to match the others, hence the certain marker).  I could not find it.  I dumped the bucket.  I organized everything into 6 piles: non-writing utensils, Sharpies, Crayola thin markers, highlighters, smelly markers and general pens.  Actually, general pens were divided into ordinary pens, colored pens and cool pens.  But, in the end, all the pens end up in the same section of the bucket so it didn't matter.

Here's everything organized on my desk. I could bear to take a picture of it all dumped out there.

And yes, I did test them all to make sure everything is in good working order. I also threw out some markers that didn't match anything else (like 1 lone thick Crayola marker).  And yes, in true Monica-style, I clicked all the lids closed.

Here's my newly organized bucket.  Which is off limits to outsiders (anyone but me).

Honestly, I'm not OCD - just weird about my stuff.  Which brings up a question for another day: Do people get to be weird anymore?  Or must we label everything?

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  1. I agree that you don't have OCD, Aimee, but I don't think you're weird or anal or anything else, either! I just think you like to take care of your stuff! I'm usually a mess, but when it comes to art supplies, or even things I use in the kitchen, I need things organized before I begin. Otherwise, the creative process is interrupted while I go and search for 10 (or 50) minutes for just the right paint color or pen or ingredient! I say, yay for you! You just go on and do what you need to do.