Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My First Book Review!

Bird Lake Moon
Kevin Henkes

Spencer and Mitch meet by chance at Bird Lake.  Both are dealing with family secrets.  Both need a friend.  Mitch is spending the summer at Bird Lake with his mom and grandparents unexpectantly.  His parents are getting a divorce and everyone is hurting.  The tension at his grandparent’s house mounts the longer the summer goes on.  Mitch thinks the house next door is a solution to his problems.  Until Spencer and his family arrives.  Spencer’s family is deal with their own family tragedy.  The boys end up becoming friends and being just what the other needs. 

Bird Lake Moon is a quick read and enjoyable read. Henkes’ writing style is very descriptive. The cover alludes to more suspense than is actually in the story.  The boys overcome their initial difficulty in a very “boy” way (not fighting ;).  The characters are well developed.  The reader understands why they do what they do. I enjoyed the story being told from each boy’s point of view in alternating chapters.  I would have loved more suspense.  And the ending was a little too tidy.  But overall, a good book.

I would recommend Bird Lake Moon for boys 5th grade and up. 
Length: 179 pages
Rating: Liked It!

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