Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am so excited about my new blog about life in Middle School. I teach middle school technology applications. I love middle school. The kids are so out of sorts, they are are so goofy and fun. The drama level is high and I enjoy that too.
Teaching Middle School is not for everyone. Just like teaching kindergarten, special ed and every other grade takes a special talent - if you do it right. But it's perfect for me. I've left middle school twice to try out elementary school. SO NOT FOR ME! I need kids to be a little more responsible for their actions. But, I don't want them too cool for school - that's why I don't do High School. I like them nice and goofy. Just like me!
I love to read. I love to recommend books to kids. Young Adult (YA) literature is awesome. Most of my posts will be reviews YA books. In general, YA books are great for 12 and up. Even adults. I read mostly YA books so I can recommend them to my students.  I also love a good story with not too much blood and guts and other 'adult' themes. YA books fill the bill there too.  (the good ones at least)

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