Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Cinderella Society

Kay Cassidy

In a lot of ways, playing Cinderella is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  You're terrified of what you might see as it unfolds, but you can't not look.  
Especially when you suspect that you might be the train. 

Jess is like a lot of high school girls.  She blends into the background.  She pines for a hot football player who may or may not know she's alive.  Things should be looking up though.  She made the cheerleading team.  That should help, right?  Wrong.  The extremely cranky, perhaps slightly evil displaced cheerleader Lexy has decided to make Jess pay for 'stealing her spot'.  Jess is a good person.  She's an excellent cheerleader, an awesome volunteer and she wants to do the right thing.  But she lacks a key ingredient, as so many of us do, confidence.

Things begin to change when Jess finds a note in her bag with a little silver high heel pin.  Jess has been invited to join a secret society of popular do-gooders - The Cinderella Society. 

I have been privileged to be part of two 'societies' in my life.  The first was the Stingerettes - my high school drill team.  In Stingerettes, I was always comfortable.  There was some degree of competition but nothing cut throat.  I felt safe there. 

The second is Kappa Delta Sorority.  Kappa Delta took that safe feeling to a whole new level.  I felt loved because of my goofiness, not in spite of it.  I found a group of girls who believed in me more than I believed in myself.  In Kappa Delta I discovered I could be an excellent leader as well as a good follower.  I also found the joy of service. 

THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY reminds me a lot of Kappa Delta.  High school is rough.  The thought of a loving society helping you become the best you could be warmed my heart. 

There are so many other reasons I love THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY.  The intrigue.  The romance.  The need to serve the greater good.  But I really love the make over scenes.  TCS doesn't try to make Jess into who they want her to be. They help her discover her true self, her own sense of style.  I'm thirtysomething and I still struggle with that.  I'd love to have a Cindy make over. 

Recommendation: Girls 6th grade and up (I'm planning a TCS book club for my 8th grade girls in the fall)
Pages: 322
Rating: ALL TIME

I have to say thanks to Myra McEntire, Holly Root and Kay Cassidy!  I won TCS from Myra's blog.  She was interviewing Holly.  And Kay sent a lovely note, bookmarks and a signed bookplate.  Thanks Ladies!

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