Monday, June 7, 2010

An Awesome New Blog!

Dear Readers,
I am currently up to my eyeballs (as usual).  I wrapped up the school year last week.  I have this week off then summer school starts. My boys are super busy (evidence: Brennan just stole my notebook and pen and wrote all over the couch while I was typing this.  He'll be 2 next week)  I've been working more than usual on my own book.  And, of course, I've been reading.  Oh, and playing on Twitter.  Always with the Twitter.

Well, today on Twitter I found a true gem.  Mitali Perkins (author of the upcoming book BABOON PEOPLE) tweeted about a new blog about Middle Grade books.  From the Mixed Up Files is named after an awesome middle grade novel - FROM THE MIXED UP FILES OF MRS. BASIL E. FRANKWEILER by E.L. Konigsburg. 

From the Mixed Up Files is a group blog and website put together by an extensive and fun list of middle grade authors.  The first post and book giveaway went up today. 

I am really excited about this site for a number of reasons.  First and foremost because I'm a huge book geek and a new place to read about books is exciting to me.  Second, middle grade is my first love.  I love teach middle school.  I love reading middle grade.  I'm enjoying writing my own middle grade book.  Third, well, actually all those loves were #3, 4 & 5.  I'm just excited, okay?  Work with me here.

So, what are you waiting for? Get over there and check them out!  You can also follow them on Twitter @MixedUpFiles

I'll be back later this week with my review of THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY by Kay Cassidy. 


  1. Hi Aimee, I've actually been reading/enjoying your blog for awhile through Bloglines and just gotta say, thanks for the shout-out about Mixed-Up Files! I'm one of the co-founders and it's just so exciting for all of us to see the love and excitement out there.

    Good luck to you on your own writing and thank you for bringing wonderful books to your students!

    Have a happy day!

  2. Hi, Aimee--
    I'll be happy to send you a copy of Don't Know Where, Don't Know When. Go to the "Contact" page of my site and shoot me a message with your info.
    Annette Laing