Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sisters Red

Jackson Pearce

Nothing can help you, Dragonflies.  Say good-bye to the world you knew, welcome tot he mouth of the cave.  I'm sorry I failed you.  I'm so, so sorry. 

Scarlett March is intense.  I mean, the girl is seriously obsessed.  And rightly so.  She and her sister, Rosie were attacked by a Fenris (that's a werewolf to you and me) as young girls.  They lost someone very special to them.  Scarlett gave up part of herself save Rosie.

Scarlett continues to try to save Rosie.  As older sisters are wont to do to, Scarlett is over protective and under estimates Rosie.  I don't think she does it on purpose.  It's just what older sisters do (I guess, I'm the younger sister).  And, as younger sisters are wont to do, Rosie's not sure she wants to be saved or protected.  She's not sure she wants what Scarlett wants. 

And to that drama, add a boy.  Silas is Scarlett's partner (no, I'm not going to tell you in what) but he's falling for Rosie.  Can she fall back?  How will Scarlett react?

SISTERS RED is billed as a fairy tale re-telling.  I think it's more of a 'Where are they now?'  Or the aftermath of the fairy tale.  The story is told in alternating chapters by the sisters.  I love that.  You really get to know the thoughts, feelings and motives of each sister. 

I highly recommend SISTERS RED.  It's a beautifully told tale of sisterly love, first love, revenge and following your heart.  Plus, the cover is so wicked awesome!  It's a work of art.

Recommendation: grades 6 and up
Pages: 324
Rating: Loved it!

You can follow Jackson Pearce on Twitter and on her website.  She does awesome live shows!
Also, a special thanks to Saundra Mitchell.  I won SISTERS RED from her and it arrived very quickly and with a lovely hand written note.  I love it when people write notes.  You can follow Saundra on twitter and on her website.  She also writes awesome books that I'll review soon. 

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