Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Three Little Words A Memoir

Three Little Word A Memoir
Ashley Rhodes Courter

I think I chose this book by it's cover. I know you aren't supposed to do that but I did.  And it worked out.  I love the picture of the little girl on the cover (who turns out to be the author).  And I love the quote on the front cover (you'll have to get the book  yourself).

Ashley Rhodes-Courter spent the vast majority of her young life in the Florida foster care system. Her life was horrific.  Thankfully, not as horrific as it could have been or as I had imagined it.  But still not how I would choose another human to live.

Ashley's story is poignant.  She's honest about her emotions without being too emotional.  She weaves in the sketchy details of her mother's troubled life. (Because I'm nosy, I'd like to hear her mother's story.  But I in no way advocate her getting 15 minutes of fame as a result of mistreating and discarding her children.  So, I'm happy to die curious about her.)  She has to leave her brother.  Which is both a relief and a source of guilt.  She finds her happy ending then does everything she can to screw it up.  But the Courters stick with her.  She gets her happy ending.

I was surprised by what the Three Little Words actually were...you will be too!

I have always believed and do still believe that I will adopt a child someday.  I LOVE my boys and my husband but I know our family is not yet complete.  Ashley's story melted my heart and reminded me of the need for adoptive families. 

Recommendation: I'd recommend this to 7th grade and up.  Especially kids who've been adopted or are in foster care.  And families who want to open their homes and hearts.
Length: 301 pages
Rating: Love It!

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