Friday, March 18, 2011

The Mockingbirds

Daisy Whitney

'"It's up to me to piece this together and I know nothing."

Alex Patrick is a brilliant pianist who attends the prestigious Themis Academy.  She had dreams of going to Julliard.   Then everything changes on THAT NIGHT. 

Alex doesn't remember a lot about that night at first.  She knows she drank too much.  She knows where she woke up.  It's the in between that's a problem.  When Alex realizes she was date raped, she has no where to go, no one to turn to.  Themis Academy's faculty has an idealized view of their student body.  They would never do anything wrong, so there's no need for disciplinary action.

As Alex begins to work through the aftermath of her date rape, an underground society emerges.  The Mockingbirds are Themis' brand of student justice.  The Mockingbirds take on Alex's case and things seem to come together.  Alex finally remembers the entire night and he world is rocked again. 

THE MOCKINGBIRDS is griping from beginning to end.  Whitney's portrayal of a date rape victim is pitch perfect.  The reader is along for Alex's ups and downs from the first page. 

Recommendation: 8th grade and up
Rating: Loved it!

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